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$5 for the flight or $7 by the glass
Barn Owl White    Retail 15  *Wine Club 13
A blend of mostly Sauvignon Blanc with a touch of dry muscat. Crisp, dry, light, and lemony. We call it "lemonade for grown ups!" Pairs well with creamy cheese, rich buttery pastas, Caesar salad, lemon pepper roasted chicken, or shrimp scampi.
Dry Muscat     Retail 22  *Wine Club 18
Made from the same grape as the sweet version, but without all the sugar. This wine bursts with intense grapefruit and citrus notes and wraps with an almost hoppy IPA-like finish. Pair it with a creamy blue cheese or dish with blue cheese for an unexpectedly exquisite delight! Also pairs well with Thai food and other sweet/savory dishes.
Barn Cat Red  Retail 18  *Wine Club 15
A blend of 2/3 Cabernet and 1/3 Syrah, this wine has bright, tart, berry notes and an herbal finish. Pairs well with hearty and rich foods, such as a roasted pork loin topped with fresh herbs or a savory pot roast.
Merlot     Retail 25  *Wine Club 21
Starts off with a pop of blueberry on the front of the palate followed by a spicy finish. Would pair well with a dish containing mushrooms or bitter greens, roasted salmon (especially with a blueberry reduction glaze), or a hearty pasta with red sauce.
Cabernet Sauvignon  Retail 29  *Wine Club 25
Known as the king of reds, this rich, dark wine begins with bold raspberry and blackberry notes and rounds out with a lingering spice finish. Would pair well with a nice juicy ribeye steak hot off the grill, braised short ribs, or a rich dark chocolate-based dessert.
Library wines not open for tasting but also available:
Pixie White
Retail 22  *Wine Club 18
Retail 27  *Wine Club 23
Retail 27  *Wine Club 23
Retail 27  *Wine Club 23
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